Human Resources (HR) System

Human Resources (HR) System

Short Description

Smart Accounting software is supporting all common accounting reposts such as Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, cost centers, settlements, multiple currencies, currency exchange restrictions, Financial Centers, Review balance report, Trading Account Report, cash flows, income statement, and closing reports. In addition, the user can add a customized repost as his/her company’s needing.

General Features

Human Resources (HR) Application is the BNIA digital technology’s software. It developed for archiving all the employee data. Such as documents, salary movement, promotions, applicants for employment, and different types of insurances.

The software may be running on other operating systems as a custom agreement.

Software's main database is Oracle or MySQL, as a suitable choice for your company.

The software is running on a local network, and it can run in the cloud (web application), so you can work anywhere, anytime and connect your branches together.

Multi-location inventory management.

No training required; fast setup and easy actions

Support unlimited branches

Accept unlimited user's


The Combination of the software with our other application is available.

Reports are shareable. They can send Emails and SMS.

All Reports is Ability to export Reports in PDF, Word, HTML, etc. formats.

Our support is available 24/7.

The software is secure with multiple levels. Secure connections, with 256-bit encryption.

The application has a plugin for tracking and monitoring for spying on the software's user's usages.

Barcode is supported.

Support Gregorian and Umm-Al Qura Calendars.

Automatic integrated backup.

Program capabilities and components:

Basic data program: to introduce the program to the basic data of employees’ data, their salaries, vacations, the system of dealing with them, and other data. It is done by:

Enter all data related to the employee (name - job code - date of birth - marital status - academic qualification - grade - degree of proficiency in different languages ​​- insurance number - department - department - date of appointment - a personal photo.....)

Enter all employee documents (ID card - passport - graduation certificate - experience certificates - ...) with specifying the validity period for each certificate in order to alert when it expires.

Entering the employee's career hierarchy (promotions .. and changing the job title on a certain date)

Enter the wage hierarchy for the employee, which is related to a specific date.

Enter the annual leave balance for each employee

Entering fund contributions for each employee, as well as various insurance premiums.

Flexibility in setting annual public holidays.

Flexibility in determining the different types of absences in general for the company or the institution.

Flexibility in adding different types of leave and absences for each employee.

Monthly bonuses and penalties for each employee.

The possibility of specifying different types of vacations.

Possibility to identify different reasons for resignations.

Registration of applicants for employment with their CV, the position applied for and the degree of the personal interview to be placed on the waiting lists.


A special report of the employee's data - according to each department, department, or a specific appointment date

A special report on the various employee documents.

A special report on the employee's wage hierarchy from the date of his appointment until today's date

A report on the gradation of the employee's job title (promotions) during a certain period

The employee's leave report during a certain period, as well as the remaining vacation balances for the end of the year

A report on the employee's rewards and penalties during a certain period

A graph for the number of appointments and resignations during a certain period, with a choice of the reason for resignation

A special report on the applicants for employment according to the degree of the interview and the type of job during a certain period

A special report for expired documents for each employee and needs to be renewed on a certain date.

A special report on adults at the age of sixty on a specific date.