Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Short Description

Quality Management Application is the Bnia Digital Technology’s software solution for the large companies that aspire to get ISO quality certification. This Application can archive the company's internal correspondence and organization of work and tasks

General Features

The software works on all operating systems. Such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh etc. also, the software is Applicable to work on handheld devices such as Mobiles and Tablets (e.g., iPhone, Android).

The software may be running on other operating systems as a custom agreement.

Software's main database is Oracle or MySQL, as a suitable choice for your company.

The software is running on a local network, and it can run in the cloud (web application), so you can work anywhere, anytime and connect your branches together.

Multi-location inventory management.

No training required; fast setup and easy actions

Support unlimited branches

Accept unlimited user's


The Combination of the software with our other application is available.

Reports are shareable. They can send Emails and SMS.

All Reports is Ability to export Reports in PDF, Word, HTML, etc. formats.

Our support is available 24/7.

The software is secure with multiple levels. Secure connections, with 256-bit encryption.

The application has a plugin for tracking and monitoring for spying on the software's user's usages.

Barcode is supported.

Support Gregorian and Umm-Al Qura Calendars.

Automatic integrated backup.

Program capabilities and components:

Insert tasks

Assigning tasks to the employee or group of employee The arrival of different alerts to the person responsible for the task (audio alert, e-mail, SMS

Approval of receiving the task by the employee responsible for the implementation.

Commencement of implementation, writing notes and dates, and attaching the implementation document, if any.

Follow up the tasks and follow up the implementation steps by the responsible manager.

Approval of receiving the task from the responsible manager after implementation and then closing it.

The possibility of evaluating the employee on the task by the responsible manager after completing it.

The possibility of reopening the task again with a mention of the reason.

Notes to the responsible manager in the event that the task is not accepted, and accordingly the task remains suspended.

Reports to the manager on the completed and suspended tasks during a certain period of time for a particular employee or a particular department, with a review of the task to find out its details.