Attendance & payroll System

Attendance & payroll System

Short Description

Attendance & Payroll Program is for track the attendance, departure times of the company’s employee. This application calculates the payrolls, wages, and salaries, including tax, insurance, bonuses, penalties, permits and leave. It compatible with external biometric devices such as fingerprint, face recognize etc.

General Features

The software works on all operating systems. Such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh etc. also, the software is Applicable to work on handheld devices such as Mobiles and Tablets (e.g., iPhone, Android).

The software may be running on other operating systems as a custom agreement.

Software's main database is Oracle or MySQL, as a suitable choice for your company.

The software is running on a local network, and it can run in the cloud (web application), so you can work anywhere, anytime and connect your branches together.

Multi-location inventory management.

No training required; fast setup and easy actions

Support unlimited branches

Accept unlimited user's


The Combination of the software with our other application is available.

Reports are shareable. They can send Emails and SMS.

All Reports is Ability to export Reports in PDF, Word, HTML, etc. formats.

Our support is available 24/7.

The software is secure with multiple levels. Secure connections, with 256-bit encryption.

The application has a plugin for tracking and monitoring for spying on the software's user's usages.

Barcode is supported.

Support Gregorian and Umm-Al Qura Calendars.

Automatic integrated backup.

Program capabilities and components:

Basic data program:

This section introduces the program to the basic data such as employees’ data, their salaries, vacations, the system for dealing with them, and other data. It is done by: Entering all methods, contracts, or dealings with employees from the attendance system. The program provides all attendance systems such as:

Adherence to timetables for attendance and departure;

- Adhere to appointments only;

- Day-to-day work systems;

- Hourly work system;

- Productive work system;

- Part-time work system;

- Add-on accounts in particular;

- Calculate special discounts;

The program has the ability to define the system of agreement with each employee separately from the system of attendance, monthly salary and vacation days.

Productivity and its classifications: Also, it allows to classify the productivity of employees, such as the productivity of marketers from marketing, advertising or revenues, and such as the productivity of those who deal with production.

Flexibility in determining annual public holidays.

Flexibility in determining the different types of absences in general for the company or organization

Flexibility in adding different types of permissions and absences for each employee.

Monthly bonuses and penalties for each employee.

Attendance and departure program:

This program monitors the entry movement by any of the following means:

From the gate (similar to a subway gate).

Fingerprint employee identification device.

The employee identification device with a magnetic card.

The employee identification device in the medallion.

Employee recognition device by face directly.

Or identify it by barcode.

The program records entry and exit data automatically and this information appears on the gate's computer, with a picture and data of the visitor or employee attached to it.

Management program:

This program presents comprehensive reports on the movement of the gates, and the most important reports are:

Daily attendance sheet for all employees.

The salary statement and the detailed attendance of the employee during a particular month, which includes the dates of attendance and departure, delays, permissions and vacations, as well as attendance on official vacations. Accordingly, the monthly salary is calculated in addition to the rewards and minus the deductions during this month.

Salaries and wages report.. In it, the net monthly salary of all employees is displayed in one report.

The wages archive, in which the salaries of employees during any previous period are displayed through the archive.

Employee production statement, in which the productivity of the employee who is treated on the basis of production is calculated.

Employee rewards statement

Absenteeism balance sheet

Absence report, which is a detailed report on the employee's vacations during a certain period.

Permissions statement, which is a detailed report on the employee's permissions during a certain period.

A list of employees, through which they can choose the items inquired about the employee, such as (his job code - date of appointment - monthly salary.....)

A list of employee documents, in which the employee's document is inquired about whether it is a main document (personal card - qualification ....) or a document related to rewards, penalties, and so on.

Income tax calculation (new tax law - multi-tier)