Our Services

  • Supplying the digital devices
  • Supplying hardwares and accessories.
  • Importing and exporting goods, devices and services.
  • Business and investment.
  • Networking
  • Advertising and e-Marketing solving
  • Software Programming
  • Web Developing & Designing
  • Mobile App Developing
  • Media Creating (Video, audio, and Graphic designing)
  • Domain registration,
  • Dedicated and cloud server provider
  • Information technology IT
  • Technical Support,
  • Developing an electronic systems

BNIA Profile

About Digital Technology Co.

BNIA Profile

We are a Digital Technology company, a leading company, working in companies’ solutions and services, investment, software of different sectors/levels of companies and organizations.

Digital Technology company established in 2005, with the experiences and professionals characterized digital solutions for our clients’ business. We provide full solutions including applications and full systems. Our services are characterized by matching all the needs of our homeland in the world.

The company has diverse expertise in various fields related to the computer, which is the machine of the age. Therefore, the company is diversified in its team of knowledge in various qualifications and cultures to meet all requirements competently and brilliantly, and in accordance with the latest systems and modern technologies.

The company is interested in qualifying your investment success from the beginning of the activity from investment idea/scratch, study feasibility, investment, finding a sponsor or partner, project or company establishment, trading consultations, creating and installing our softwares and applications solutions, technical support, developing an electronic system manages your entity, according to the quality of your activity, supplying the suitable right digital devices and hardwares for your organization.

In addition, we are putting the highest level of advertising and marketing for you. We start with you from the beginning of the design of the Logo and Brochures for your brand name, until full operation of your business with full stability and maintain your legal rights, to ensure the success of your entity the best quality possible to enable your organization to obtain ISO certification.

We officially license the program you purchased softwares from us to provide a legal registration with the Egyptian government, according to Egyptian and international intellectual property rights.

We are an information technology IT company officially with the Egyptian government. Additionally, we are officially registrar of the .eg domains at the Egyptian government.

We provide online dedicated servers, cloud servers, VPS, desktop and web application, mobile app creation with decentralization data centers or backing up solutions.

First light of Digital Technology (BNIA) was in the field of web hosting and web designing. These fields which helped us to spread rapidly throughout the Arab world in particular. The BNIA has clients from Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Morocco, Assian countries such as Russia, India and Indonesia, European countries such as Britaich, and America. Most of its customers were from Egypt.

Currently we support modern solutions according to modern trends in the field of software, such as Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, image processing, and networking solutions..

The import and export service is supported and we do it in order to provide all your needs. We make all your trading and business needs available and at your fingertips. Your success is our goal.